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Michael Jordan Rookie Card For Sale

This website is dedicated to all of the Michael Jordan fans and collectors from around the world!

What started as a casual hobby for a kid from Chicago, IL….. card collecting, led me to an amazing realization….Michael Jordan is a household name all over the world!

As I did more and more research and networked with other collectors/fanatics, it was made apparent that the traditional “Americanized” card collecting was only the tip of the ice berg for what was truly out there.  I have spent the latter years of my collecting, expanding to a worldwide view of MJ collecting and have obtained some absolute gems!  My focus is on the more obscure pieces that many never knew existed.  I am also more partial to Jordan’s early years, 1981-early 1990’s, as those were the years when the hobby was less glutted with overproduction of “inserts”, autographs, and an overabundance of card lines/companies.

​There are a few big names in MJ collecting that have been true friends and not only educated me to the endless possibilities but jump started my passion to find the “tough piece,” what I call “the holy grail piece.” So I want to say “thank you” first to my dad for getting me excited about card collecting as a kid and raising me in Chicago, IL during the Jordan era.  I also want give a special thanks to Jimmy R., Allan L., Oscar G., Torrey C., Marc P., Roy C., Theo S., Jeff K. to name a few!

​This website profiles my personal Michael Jordan collection that is 25 years in the making.  I am always open to discussion, trade talk, offers, fielding questions, etc.  So don’t hesitate to contact me at MICHAELJORDANCOLLECTOR@VERIZON.NET.

While I have amassed a very large collection, I have found that my focus is the early Jordan years and the much harder to find foreign items.  I have tried to stay away from the “broder” items that weren’t officially licensed by the NBA as well as the overly produced items like the mass production of Upper Deck, collector’s choice, and the GLUT on the market that began in the mid-late 90’s.  You’ll find that my collecting of cards during this era dramatically decreased, as it seemed to be a poorer investment.

​The never-ending search for a “Holy Grail” piece is the motivation to always be looking.

Thanks for visiting my collection!  I am constantly working to upgrade this site and answer all of your questions, as well as link you to the MJ item(s) of your dreams. Feel free to donate proceeds to keep this site running, and enjoy this site as your personal MJ collecting encyclopedia. You may donate anytime using the paypal button below, or if we have negotiated a sale of a specific item, please pay per our arrangements below! Thanks.

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